Natural Wonders Intertidal Observations!!!

The question we asked before observing the tidepools was; "How many coastal invertibrites can
we find in our transect?"

We decided to observe two transects as well as record other interesting observations along
the way.
Transect 1: 80-83 Black Turban Snails
37 Aggregate Anemones
2 Rough Keyhole Limpets
Transect 2: 1 Purple Star (Orange)
4 Green Anemones
1 Black Turban Snail
10 Rough Keyhole Limpets
1 Sea Muscle
Observations: 1 Leather Star
1 Sunflower Star
2 Purple Stars (Black)
1 Isopod or Sandflea

blackstar.JPG bug.JPG purple.JPG

leather_star.JPG sea_cluster.JPG sea_slug.JPG

starfish.JPG star_anemone.JPG sun_flower.JPG