Thankyou Starfish Galatica for letting me invade your group. My responses are for the
most part the same as Starfish Galatica since we worked together.

Process: 1. Carefully walk around on the large and slippery rocks covered in eelgrass.
2. Throw the one foot square wooden frame randomly into a tide pool.
3. Identify the species within the interior area of the one foot
square wood frame.
Answer the question: What species can be found within a one meter square frame that is randomly tossed into a tide pool?
Background Information:
  • Weather: Foggy and cold with a slight ocean breeze.
  • Tides: -0.3 feet at the salt water tide pools in Fort Bragg, Ca.
  • Description: Large area of bumpy, hard rocks covered in eelgrass.
In between the rocks are tide pools. Inside the pools and surrounding it
is tiny broken shells and gold flakes.Each tide pool is covered in rocks that are
3-6 centimeters down and vary in width and length. My firstwas small approx. 2 feet.
The other was about 3by 5 feet.

  • The tool I used on my own and with the other group was a one foot square meter.
    I timed the # of objects times nine in order to get approximately one square meter.
    All estimatesA on my own B. Starfish Galatica
> Number of Objects Size ranges of. Color Location
  • Objects
> Black Turbin A. 11 B. 63
  • Snail . 23-33 meters Black They bond to the rocks in side
  • the tide pool and slowly slther
  • across.
> Red Agae A. 5 B. 27 The algae covers rocks. Red-Brown Bonded to rocks all sizes..
  • Pink Coral A. 0 B. 18 30-40mm(dia) Pale-pink Grows under
  • Alge rocks.
> Spiny Leaf A. 3 B. 9 60 mm in length Green Grows between
  • Algae rocks
> Hermit crabs A. 9 B. 18 approx. 40 mm Shells-black Scampered acrossed
  • Green anemone A. 1 B.18 50-70 mm (dia.) Brown-green Crevices of large
  • rocks.
  • Eelgrass A. 5 Leaves B. 9 80-100 mm dark green crevice of large
  • clumps length
  • of approx. 15 leaves ea.
  • Horned Snail A. 3 B.9 25 mm black/brown Slowly scurry
  • across the bottom
  • of the tide pool.
  • Crabs( Unknown) A. 13 B. 36 2-3 mm across off white move in the pool
  • We really enjoyed the whole day. My only regret was not having a warmer coat for MacKerricher.